We are a business partner who will assist our clients in solving their problems by using the resources they have.

To support the needs of our clients, we provide services ranging from providing data and information, technical expertise, expert opinion, business diagnostic, creating and implementing a more efficient system, up to assisting clients in the management of change.

Our Services :

Providing Business Information

Better, more complete and more relevant information is often the main or only thing that a client needs to make the right decision. It may be information on markets, customers, sector trends, raw materials, suppliers, competitors, potential partners, source of engineering expertise, government policies and regulations, or other.

Providing Specialist Resources

A consultant can be used to supplement the client organisation’s staff. Usually such consultants will be specialist in areas where the client is looking for short term expertise, or wants to avoid recruiting new staff/or avoid recruiting a new employee. Some clients, mainly in the public sector, use consultants in this way to bypass restrictive regulations preventing them from recruiting new staff and/or to avoid keeping expensive specialist on the payroll. Other clients may have been forced to cut down their technical departments and find it convenient to recruit short-term specialist from consulting firm.

Establishing Business Contacts and Linkages

Many clients turn to consultants in their search for new business contacts, agents, representatives, suppliers, subcontractors, joint-venture and merger partners, companies for acquisition, business and professional networks, sources of funding, additional investors and so forth. The consultant’s task may involve identifying one or more suitable candidates (people or organizations), presenting their names to the client, assessing their suitability, recommending the choice, defining and negotiating conditions of an alliance or business deal, and acting as intermediary in implementation.

Providing Expert Opinion

The consultant may be approached to provide expert opinion in cases where the client can choose among several alternatives and seeks impartial and independent third-party advice before taking the decision. Expert opinion also can be provided in totally informal way. This is the case when decision-makers use consultants as a sounding-board without asking for a formal report.

Performing Diagnostic Work

Clients use consultants for a wide range of diagnostic tasks concerning the organisation’s strengths and weakness, positive and negative trends, potential for improvement, barriers to change, competitive position, underutilized resources, technical or human problems requiring management’s attention and so on. Diagnostic work may concern the entire business or a part of department, sector, function, process, product line, information system, organizational structure or other.

Developing Action Proposal

Effectively completed diagnostic work may be followed by the development of specific action proposals in an area that was diagnosed. The consultant may be asked to do the whole job, share the task with the client or act as an advisor to a client who has chosen to develop new proposals with his or her own resources. Action proposals may involve one or more alternatives. Also, the consultant may be asked to present alternatives with recommendations on the course of action to be taken by the client.

Developing System and Methods

A major portion of consulting services concerns systems and methods in areas such as management information, business planning, operations scheduling and control, client order processing, sales, personnel records, compensation, and social benefits. The systems may be custom-made or standard. The consultant may take full responsibility for choosing for choosing the most appropriate system, establishing its feasibility, adapting it to the client’s condition and putting it into effect in collaboration with the client’s staff.

Planning and Managing Organizational Changes

A fairly common case is that of a client who possesses the technical and managerial expertise to run the organization, but has difficulties and feels insecure when organizational changes are anticipated and cannot be avoided. Often these changes will put a lot of strain on people, since deeply rooted relationships, work habits and individual or group interests will be affected. In such situations, the special expertise sought from a consultant would be in change management, in identifying the need for change, developing a change strategy and plan, choosing and applying the right approaches to encourage change and overcome barriers to change, monitoring the change process, evaluating the progress made and results obtained, and adjusting the approach taken by management at all stages of the change cycle.