The rapid growth of Indonesia’s development has increased the needs for various services in order to grab investment opportunities, enter the new markets, and take part in economic growth.

We assist investors as well as bankers who require assistance in order to assess the credit worthiness of a business.

Our Services :

Feasibility Study

FS is a preliminary study undertaken to determine and document a project’s viability. The results of this study are used to make a decision whether or not to proceed with the project. We analyze the project in some aspects, including technical, environmental, and financial.

Due Diligence

Entering a business relationship or considering litigation often requires a due diligence investigation. BIDS’ role is to ensure that the prospective partner or plaintiff has the capabilities, requisite stability, and solvency necessary to support a contract or for the enforcement of judgments.

We enable you to assess the character and integrity of the key company executives and the organization itself. As your needs vary from mergers to acquisitions to capitalization, as well as other specific circumstances, we offer you a range of customized services that will meet your specific business investigation needs.

Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory is advice given in relation to financial matters such as investing, insurance, borrowing, saving and retirement plans. Professionally, the advice is given only after the financial situation of the client is unveiled through a thorough fact-finding and analysis exercise.

BIDS Consultant will find the investor, bank, or funder that respects the project. ‘Trust’ is the keyword; we always keep our credibility from both the project owners and the investors by delivering a good project and – when needed – getting involve in the operation.

Project Financing

It is the financing of long-term infrastructure and industrial projects based upon a complex financial structure where project debt and equity are used to finance the project. BIDS Consultant is the right partner for your long-term projects since we could develop the structure for the financing scheme.

Financial Management

In dealing with financial matters on our clients, we provide financial management assistance to our clients. Our service in financial management is providing input and consideration in managing the company’s finances for the company goals can be achieved.

In terms of project financing, we always assist our clients with financial management services as our responsibility to the funders to secure their funds by assist our clients in managing their finances and meet their obligations to the funders.

Corporate Roadmap Development

Once a corporate completing its business plan, then the next is to plan how to achieve targets set out in the business plan. Planning targets are explained in the company’s roadmap. The road map is a detailed plan to achieve the target. There, the targets are divided into smaller parts and details with strategies to achieve them.

Financial Strategy Development

To achieve targets and objectives, a company will create a business plan and roadmap. Strategy on the road map should also be supported by strategic and financial planning. In preparing a financial strategy, we view the company as a whole, so that the preparation of the strategy involves all the resources available on the company.

Business Plan Development

In running a business, business planning is necessary. With business planning, will assist us in determining corporate objectives, corporate positioning, marketing strategy, sales strategy, revenue and expenditure plans, as well as to reassure investors. A good business plan, will be able to make the reader understand the company from a to z. It’s also very useful for employees in the company to understand the direction and purpose for which they work.